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Vedic Meditation

 is an ancient technique known as Bhavateet Dhyan

 Sit comfortably, relax deeply, tap into pure Consciousness

So Why Meditate?

Stress is the plague of the modern world. It becomes a health problem when it is persistent. Even low grade stress over time will compromise our health and vitality.

You can think of stress in your body like dirt that accumulates on a window. Over time the dirt just accumulates, like residue of all our experiences, a natural consequence of living. It does not mean there is anything wrong with the glass (You in this analogy). Like a window with layers of dirt we simply want to clean our nervous system of all the layers of stress that have naturally built up over time. Vedic Meditation does this in a safe, gentle, natural way. And the best part is the technique begins to work immediately.

Think about how great the view looks after you clean dirty windows. And now imagine yourself with a clean nervous system, the perceptual window through which we experience absolutely everything in our life. A daily meditation practice removes stress and powers you up, allowing the best version of you to shine through.

What is Meditation?

Generally speaking "meditation" refers to any mental technique designed to promote relaxation, mental clarity, and/or an overall sense of well being. Hundreds of techniques exist under the meditation umbrella, including things like visualization, focused attention, body feeling, mindfulness, and even chanting. Most techniques involve some degree of focus, concentration, or controlling the mind to order to discourage thoughts and thereby quieting the mind. For some that is attainable, but for many it is hard.

Bhavatit Dhyan is different in this regard. There is no focused attention, no concentration. no straining of any kind. The mind is set free to wander as it will. The experience that comes is oriented by the sound of the Mantra. And best of all, we sit comfortably during meditation so that body and mind can both relax deeply.

About Vedic Meditation

The practice of Bhavatit Dhyan uses what are known as Bija mantras to effortlessly shift the mind into a state of subtle awareness. The body follows and moves into deep relaxation allowing stresses to naturally unwind and release. There is no focusing, no concentration, no straining, no rejecting of thoughts, no controlling of the mind whatsoever. The resonant quality of the mantra effortlessly does the work for you. 

It is so simple and easy to do. No special skills or abilities are required.

VM is a technique that absolutely anyone can master once properly instructed. 

For maximum benefit it is best done twice daily, for about 20 minutes each time, morning and evening, sitting comfortably with eyes closed. No chemicals. No prescription. 

No harmful side effects. Your body will naturally begin to balance from within.

Feel better

Look better

Perform better

The benefits of daily meditation are well documented, and currently being enjoyed by millions of people of all faiths and lifestyles around the world.

Regular practice can deliver a wide range of benefits 

- Reduce stress and fatigue

- Improve sleep, mood, overall sense of well being

- Sharpen the five senses and mental acuity

- Increase stamina and vitality

- Optimize peak performance

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